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  • The nature of mullite refractory bricks determines its role

    The firebrick made of sintered or fused mullite as the main raw material may be entirely made of mullite, partly may be mullite, and some may be made of corundum. The former became mullite refractory bricks, and the latter was called corund...18-05-25

  • affecting the price of high alumina bricks

    High-alumina refractory bricks, ie a high-alumina refractories with an alumina content of more than 45%. By bauxite or other high alumina content of raw materials formed and calcined. High thermal stability, refractoriness above 1770C. Good...18-05-24

  • Analysis of anti-stripping mechanism of anti-stripping high alumina brick

    The use of high alumina bauxite as the main clinker, the introduction of a small amount of ZrO2 (because ZrO2 is a phase transition between monoclinic and tetragonal, can improve the products resistance to thermal shock stability), add a ce...18-05-23

  • Physicochemical properties and thermal properties of lightweight clay bricks

    What are the physical and chemical functions and thermal functions of lightweight clay bricks? What is the impact of each? Lightweight clay bricks are most commonly used for high temperature operations and require different requirements for...18-05-22

  • High alumina bricks have performance advantages

    In theory, aluminum silicate refractory materials with an Al2O3 content of more than 46% are called high-alumina bricks. Chinas provisions of high alumina brick Al2O3 content is greater than 48%. The higher the fineness of the natural high-...18-05-21

  • Definition of insulation refractories

    We all know that insulation refractories are a kind of building materials. Generally speaking, those that are not flammable, they can be fired in a timely manner, and they will not immediately burn. It is a new type of development that can...18-05-18

  • Lightweight and heavy composite thermal insulation brick for ladle

    The heavy part of the light and heavy composite thermal insulation bricks used for the permanent lining of the refined ladle is equivalent to a high-alumina brick, and the light-weight part is equivalent to a clay-based thermal insulation b...18-05-15

  • Clay brick production process introduction

    After finishing by Zhengzhou Tianyang Refractory Co., Ltd., the main production process of clay bricks is summarized as follows. 1 Raw material preparation is mainly clinker preparation and clay preparation. Clinker is prepared by calcining...18-05-10

  • The advantages of diatomite insulation brick

    Diatomite insulation brick is made of high-quality diatomite. It is made of high-quality diatomite, wood sawdust and high-temperature binder as the main raw materials. It is prepared through raw materials, mixed and stirred, extruded and mo...18-05-07

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