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Measures to prolong the use life of Refractory Brick

Date:2017-02-23 16:59 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
Some measures of the service life of refractory brick:
1. Strengthen the process management, to ensure the correct use of production and maintenance
In the daily production, whether improper operation or the original fire material will be caused by different degrees of damage to the firebrick, so strengthening the production of the protection of refractory bricks has an important role and protection.
First of all, strengthen training and improve the operational level. Through various forms of training and learning, the level of operation of the operator increased, in order to achieve improving equipment operation rate, extending the purpose of the life cycle of common silica brick, attention and control of the original fuel materials, optimizing the ingredients program. Different enterprises, the original fuel material has a great difference, so the formulation of the ingredients are not the same, mainly based on the status of raw materials and kiln performance of the enterprise to develop a reasonable program of ingredients, careful operation, reduce the number of open-stop kiln.

2. According to the kiln conditions, select the appropriate refractory brick
Kiln with the firebrand of the main causes of damage are thermal stress damage, coal-fired tube flame erosion and chemical erosion, and sometimes damage to the refractory brick is a combination of a variety of situations. Therefore, according to the characteristics of enterprises, to choose the right suitable for the needs of the kiln refractory brick is essential.
3. To take the correct construction program, ensure the quality of masonry
The use life of refractory brick and kiln brick masonry’s quality has a great relationship. From the production experience, if masonry’s quality is good, refractory brick can be thin to 40mm does not fall off, although the cylinder temperature is high, but also to maintain production.
4. Strict control of heating and cold kiln time
After the new brick puzzled, baking brick warming is very important, it directly determines the service life of refractory brick.

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