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High temperature industry's requirements for refractory brick

Date:2017-03-03 17:26 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
With the important foundation material of high temperature industry, high temperature industry is especially the new development of iron and steel smelting technology, promoting the technological progress of refractory material industry. Of course, technological advance of refractory material industry ensures the implementation of high-temperature industrial new technology.
Refractory material industry has a close relationship with high temperature industry, often each of the new high-temperature technology will require new refractory or better performance of high quality silica brick as premise, and high-temperature new technology made more stringent requirements for refractory material.

Refractory material serviced for high-temperature industry, which must meet the requirements of high-temperature industrial new technologies:
1. Refractory material must be preferred to have superior fire resistance, as high-temperature new technology generally requires higher temperature, more stringent working conditions.
2. In addition to the traditional refractory material function, refractory material must also meet other function of high-temperature new technology implementation required.

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