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Classification of refractory material

Date:2017-05-25 17:57 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:admin
Common silica brick generally refers to the refractoriness is inorganic non-metallic material above the 1580℃, which includes natural ore and in accordance with certain

requirements through a certain process made of a variety of products. Refractory material has a certain high temperature mechanical property, good volume stability, is a variety of

high temperature equipment necessary material.

There are many classification methods of refractory material, but the main ones are:

1. According to the chemical composition: can be divided into acidic, alkaline and neutral.

2. According to the refractoriness: can be divided into four categories. of universal refractory (1580-1770 ℃), high-grade refractory material (1770-2000 ℃), grade refractory material

(above 2000 ℃ ) and super refractory material (greater than 3000 ℃).

3. According to the processing manufacturing technology: can be divided into the burning products, casting products, don't burn products. According to the use: can be divided into

blast furnace, open hearth furnace, converter, continuous casting, glass furnace, cement kiln refractory material, etc.

4. According to the appearance: can be divided into refractory products, refractory mud, unshaped refractory material.

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